9th edition 6th of July 2024

If you are not affiliated to any IAAF running club, in order to compete to the 42KM RACE and the 26KM COMPETITIVE RACE, you have to:

    • buy the trail and mountain RUNCARD which allows you to participate to any trail running race in Italy during 2024. It costs 10€. To buy the runcard please refer to the runcard website
    • provide this form filled by your doctor

Said documents should be sent to pdm24@evodata.it after entering to the race via the link below.

To enter the 16K and 26KM NON COMPETITIVE RACE and FAMILY RUN you do not need to provide the documents above

for more information and any problems please contact :

web: www.endu.net
fax: 051/9525760
email: pdm24@evodata.it